Ultraviolet Laser
266nm 355nm 375nm 396nm
Blue Laser
405nm 435nm 450nm 457nm
473nm 480nm 488nm 491nm
Green Laser
501nm 515nm 523nm 526nm
532nm 543nm 556nm  
Yellow Laser
561nm 589nm 593nm
Red Laser
635nm 640nm 650nm 655nm
656nm 660nm 671nm 685nm
690nm 705nm 722nm 730nm
Infrared Laser Modules
750nm 785nm 808nm 830nm
850nm 885nm 914nm 915nm
940nm 946nm 965nm 975nm
980nm 1030nm 1047nm 1053nm
1064nm 1085nm 1112nm 1122nm
1313nm 1319nm 1342nm 1444nm
1450nm 1470nm 1550nm 1870nm
1900nm 1940nm    
Low Noise Laser
473nm 532nm 543nm 556nm
561nm 593nm 635nm 640nm
650nm 655nm 660nm 671nm
685nm 690nm 705nm 730nm
885nm 914nm 915nm 940nm
946nm 965nm 975nm 980nm
1030nm 1047nm 1085nm 1112nm
1122nm 1313nm 1319nm 1342nm
1444nm 1450nm 1470nm 1550nm
Single Longitude Mode Laser
457nm 473nm 526nm 532nm
561nm 671nm 1064nm 1342nm
Fiber Coupling Laser
Fiber Laser Amplifier
Single Frequency  & Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser

ASE Fiber Broadband Laser

C and L-band Wavelength Tunable Fiber Laser

DBF Single Frequency  & Ultra narrow line width Fiber Laser

Picosecond Pulse Fiber Lasers

RGB White Laser
He-Ne Laser System
Laser Pointer and Laser Gun sight
Fiber Accessories
Laser Optic
Laser Diode
Laser Eyewear
Laser Stage Lighting
Infrared laser illuminator


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Purchasing Information  

For pricing, information, and questions please contact us directly. We can be easily reached at any time and we respond to most requests for pricing and additional information within 24 hours. We accept orders by Mail, Phone, Fax, or E-mail. Please send written correspondence and confirming order to:
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Terms & Condition

The following information is offered as a general guideline for ordering products from Sail Laser. For a copy of our complete terms and conditions, please contact us.To accept an order we will need the following information about the product: Product description, Quantity. We also need the following information about our customers
Complete company name
Billing address
Shipping address
Purchase order number
Contact name and phone number


Laser systems are warranted to conform to Shanghai Sail laser Technology Co., Ltd. published specifications and to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months.


We do our best to offer accurate information on our products. However, the user should always verify the suitability of a product for its intended use. If a particular specification is crucial, please check before ordering.Technical specifications are subject to change without notice as we make design changes and improvement.


If you have a preferred shipping carrier, we will need the name, address, and phone number of your shipper and your account number. If the shipment method is not specified, we will default to the most efficient and economical method for your order. Default shipping and handling charges are prepaid and added to your invoice.


Prepayment is required for all new orders. All payments are in US dollars unless otherwise approved. Invoice amount includes total price of items, shipping and handling charges and any bank transaction fees. Acceptable payments are:West Union, wire transfer, paypal, COD.


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