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635nm 640nm 650nm 655nm
656nm 660nm 671nm 685nm
690nm 705nm 722nm 730nm
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940nm 946nm 965nm 975nm
980nm 1030nm 1047nm 1053nm
1064nm 1085nm 1112nm 1122nm
1313nm 1319nm 1342nm 1444nm
1450nm 1470nm 1550nm 1870nm
1900nm 1940nm ¡¡ ¡¡
Low Noise Laser
473nm 532nm 543nm 556nm
561nm 593nm 635nm 640nm
650nm 655nm 660nm 671nm
685nm 690nm 705nm 730nm
885nm 914nm 915nm 940nm
946nm 965nm 975nm 980nm
1030nm 1047nm 1085nm 1112nm
1122nm 1313nm 1319nm 1342nm
1444nm 1450nm 1470nm 1550nm
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561nm 671nm 1064nm 1342nm
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1 SL-LI-300M 5 SL-LI-200M
2 SL-LI-300M-A 6 SL-LI-150M
3 SL-LI-250M 7 SL-LI-100M
4 SL-LI-250M-A 8 SL-LI-50M

Infrared laser illuminator Series

¡¾Product detailed introduction¡¿
SailLaser invent and design infrared lasers as illuminator and apply it in the field of night security illumination. This product has long range application distance, from 10-300meters,high performance price ratio, low power consumption and it is eco-friendly. At present IR laser illuminators are the first security product to be pushed to civil area in the world, which can be widely used in each kind of surveillance project. It's a new special accessories for CCTV.
independently developed by Shanghai  SailLaser Technology  CO., LTD., adopt the active infrared laser night vision technology including light resource auto zooming and light intensity shaping leveling etc. it can reach the light yield with peak efficiency through combining high-capacity semiconductor laser and patent optical system. This product adopts multinomial and peculiar key technology, the outer shell is strengthened and sealed, and can be extensively used to real-time continuous monitoring at night, severe atmosphere, long distance and wide range cases.
This product, combining with infrared camera, black and white CCD camera or glimmering night vision equipment, can be wonderfully used in the all weather condition, especially in continuous monitoring camera shot in the dark night and long distance, so that it can obtain clear and precise monitoring picture easily. This product has low lifecycle cost, which is the best choice according to the black and white CCD safety-preventive and monitoring system, and is the best substitute of LED infrared light.
¡¾Significant Advantages ¡¿
1.      Long range illuminator
The operating distance can be reached from 100mts up to 300mts£¬furthest reached 5,000 meters.
2.       Low power consumption
Lower than 10W;
3.       Long life-span
May used for 10000 hours;
4.       Convenient for concealment
Single chip illumination¡¢compact and easy for installation;
5.       High Standard
Adopt strengthening, seal and package processing, can prevent from dust, rain and earthquake;
6.       Patented Technology
Self-developed LASER, optics homogenizing system, special laser power source.
¡¾Attention the use of infrared laser illuminator ¡¿
1.Irradiate human body in short distance should be prevented to avoid cause damage to human eye.
2. When using infrared laser illumination light source, different irradiation distance should be matched with proper camera and lens, then the optimal effect can be reached.
3. The special power supply supplied by us should only be used.
4. Do not dismantle light source privately so as to avoid product damage.
¡¾Application ¡¿
Use the infrared laser illuminator in combination with other surveillance equipment in low-light or complete darkness for environment supervisory control, be used for many fields:
1. National security
Border defense, national defence, night combat and reconnaissance, important military facilities, military organs, military encampment etc.
2.Public security
Justice, prison, oil field ,engineering construction, forest, marine, custom, port, airport etc.
3.Civilian sites security
Residential area, streets, shopping malls etc.
4. Substitute for LED
To be best night vision instrument IR illumination.



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